Event Booking

Quickly and easily book your events and meetings and send customized proposals. contracts and payment schedules to your clients. They can collaborate with you on their events, make payments and sign contracts with a few easy clicks.

 Master Calendar

Our system automatically logs events, scheduled payments, staff schedulings, room schedulings, leads and tasks to the calendar for you to save you time. You can also manually add appointments, meetings and tours as needed.

 Proposals and Contracts

Create proposal and contract templates and quickly customize them for each client and event. Your clients can sign contracts online with a few clicks.

 Online Payments

Schedule, track and receive online payments from all of your Private clients. You can also receive online Ticket payments from your Public Event guests/attendees.

 Room Scheduling

Easily schedule events for one or multiple rooms and multiple locations. Track and manage calendar activities, revenue and utilization by room and location. 

 Event Based CRM

Manage all of your tasks and contact history with your leads and clients with our Event Based CRM system. Move and track them through each stage of the sales process. Manage and monitor your sales rep performance.

 Staff Scheduling

Schedule Staff or Vendors for an event quickly and easily. Your Staff or Vendors can receive immediate scheduling notifications by Email and/or Text Message. Scheduling adjustments can be made with a few clicks. Staff Schedulings are automatically posted to the Master Calendar.

 Widget Plug-Ins

We provide a library of Widget Plug-Ins for your website which can easily be embedded on any website page. Lead Forms, Tour Requests, Event Calendars and Client Portal Widgets are just a few examples. The Widgets are excellent for Automated Lead Transfer and Improved Client Engagement, Collaboration and Customer Service.

 Task Automation

Schedule and Manage Tasks with a few clicks. Tasks can be scheduled and created automatically or manually, depending on your preference. Management can review Task Status system wide and make edits and reassignments quickly and easily. All tasks are automatically posted to the Master Calendar. Checklists also provide automated multiple task creation and assignment for events.

 Public Event Ticketing

You can quickly and easily setup Public Event Registration and Ticketing for your free and paid Public Events. We provide a Ticket Widget Plug In which can be embedded directly on your website and allows your guests/attendees to review all of your Public Events and easily register and purchase tickets.

 Event Check In

With our Event Check In feature, you can search by name, scroll the attendee list or scan the Barcode on each ticket to check in your guests/attendees. You can also automate the process with the Self Check In feature. You can also quickly and easily accept credit card or cash payments at the door. Works on all devices and updates in real-time if you have attendants at multiple entry points.

 Ticket Revenue Reporting

We provide a series of reports to let you know where you stand at all times regarding ticket orders and payments for every event. View current attendee counts, tickets sold and revenues. Quickly search for orders and resend confirmation emails and tickets. You can easily refund orders as well.

 User Permissions

Without a doubt, the most advanced User Permissions available on the market today. You can determine the specific features a user may access and custom menus and web pages are generated based on that user's specified permissions. You can even selectively determine which sections of a web page that user may view/access.

 In-App Messaging

Instantly send and receive messages to and from your Staff and/or Vendors. Quickly and easily send a message to one or multiple personnel. Attachments can also be included.

 Product Integrations

We have built tight Product Integrations to Stripe for Online Payments, QuickBooks, Xero and FreshBooks for Accounting, ClickSend for Automated Text Messages and MailChimp and Constant Contact for Email Marketing. These integrations provide critical business functions, save enormous amounts of time and eliminate duplicate data entry into many of those systems.

 Dashboards and Reports

Elegantly designed central and reporting dashboards to help you manage and monitor critical components of your business.

 Client Collaboration

Your clients can quickly and easily view images you would like to share with them, their proposals, contracts, payment schedules and additional documents. Clients can make payments, sign contracts or review and complete other required documents online with a few clicks.

 Elegant Mobile Friendly UI

Our user interface is beautifully designed for ease of use and adjusts automatically for optimal performance on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.