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Elevate Your Event Management to a whole new level!

Event Booking Engines is a cloud based Event Booking Software Platform for Venues, Hotels, Restaurants, Caterers and Hospitality Groups. 

Our feature set is very advanced, yet incredibly easy to use. Our platform is an Event Based CRM at its core, with many features uniquely tailored to the industries we serve, along with automations, product integrations and plug ins for your website which are all designed to save you time, increase revenue and reduce cost. The industries we serve are listed below, along with our product offerings tailored to those industries.

Our Venue, Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Event Management products provide tremendous value for the money. We say that without hesitation, after spending hundreds of hours reviewing competitor offerings, many of which have been around for decades and certainly look it. And don't take our word for it, you can validate what we say via our reviews. We have also spent many thousands of man hours designing and building a platform which has far greater feature breadth and depth than the usual suspects. Combine that with a pricing model which scales based on your needs, continuous market driven product development and outstanding customer service and support and the end result is a truly outstanding product and service combination.  

Brief Product Overview

Venue Booking Engines

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Hotel Booking Engines

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Restaurant Booking Engines

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Catering Booking Engines

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Venues and Event Centers

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Casual and Fine Dining Restaurants

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Catering Management

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Automated Lead Transfer and Integration to Many Product Platforms

Automated Lead Transfer and Integration to Many Product Platforms

Elevate your business success with our advanced widget embeds for your website and strategic product integrations designed to supercharge lead generation and increase revenue. We provide a library of 25 different Widget Plugins for your website which can easily be embedded on any website page. No other vendor can even come close to the depth and breadth of Website Plugins we provide and all of them are fully customizable. Lead Forms, Tour Requests, Event Calendars and Client Portal Widgets are just a few examples. The Widgets are excellent for Automated Lead Transfer and Improved Client Engagement, Collaboration and Customer Service. We also provide over 35 different Product Integrations to best of breed Lead Generation Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WeddingWire, The Knot and many other excellent Platforms for Accounting, Online Payments, CRM. Marketing, Chat, Collaboration and others which can be viewed on our Product Integrations Page.

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Master Calendar

Master Calendar

Our Master Calendar offers customizable views and color-coded categorization to provide a comprehensive overview of your Event and Room Schedule, making it convenient to plan and prioritize your commitments. All Bookings, Tours and Appointments are automatically posted to the Master Calendar as you make them. Payments, Staff and Vendor Schedulings and Tasks can also be optionally posted and displayed on the Master Calendar. Sync our Master Calendar to your Google, Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, Apple, VRBO or Airbnb Calendar with a few clicks.

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Custom Proposals

Custom Proposals

Impress your leads and win new business with our elegant proposals. Quickly customize templates and share them with your leads and clients.

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Custom Banquet Event Orders

Custom Banquet Event Orders

Create beautiful BEOs from templates in seconds, which your clients can review and sign online.

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Custom Contracts with Online Signatures

Custom Contracts with Online Signatures

No more endless Word or PDF emails back and forth. Quickly create a beautiful contract for your client in seconds and invite him/her to review and e-sign with a few clicks.

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Online Invoices and Payments

Online Invoices and Payments

Quickly schedule and track all invoices and payments. Our many automations provide Single and Multiple Invoice Creation in seconds. Your clients can make safe and secure PCI compliant online payments with a few easy clicks from our Client Portal website embed.

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Room and Area Scheduling

Room and Area Scheduling

Schedule one or multiple rooms or areas for your events by location. Our automations will do this for you in seconds. Create single or repeat room schedulings. Duplicate booking protection is provided. Track room utilization and revenue. Our Master Calendar provides Grid or Timeline Views by Month, Week or Day.

Event Based CRM

Event Based CRM

Yes, you read that right. Total Event Based Architecture. Schedule and manage all of your lead tasks. Log and review all contact history. Advance leads through your sales pipeline. Manage and track sales rep, location and enterprise performance to targets.

Dashboards and Reports

Dashboards and Reports

We provide over 50 Dashboards and Reports which give you up to the minute detail on all of the critical components of your business.


Workflow Automation

Easily build different Workflows to automate the creation of Room Schedulings, Payments, Contracts, Proposals, Emails and Documents. Those Workflows can then be executed with a few clicks to create multiple important items in seconds. Multiple Emails can also be created to be sent a specified number of days before or after Event Date. Many other automated notifications are also provided for your team, leads, customers and vendors.

Stripe Payment Gateway

Stripe for Online Payments


QuickBooks for Accounting


Xero for Accounting


FreshBooks for Accounting


HubSpot for Marketing Automation


Salesforce for CRM


Slack for Team Communication


MailChimp for Email Marketing

Constant Contact

Constant Contact for Email Marketing


ClickSend for Automated SMS Messages

Lead Bot

Our own proprietary technology for Automated Lead Transfer from WeddingWire, The Knot, Eventective, EventUp and many other Lead Generation Platforms.

Sync Mobile Calendars

Sync our Master Calendar to your Google, Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, Apple, VRBO or Airbnb Calendar

Email Integration

Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and Others

Export Reports to Excel

Export any of our Displays or Reports to Excel

Embed Our Widget Plug Ins

We offer many Widget Plug Ins for Your Website


Automated Lead Transfer from Facebook


Automated Lead Transfer from Instagram


Automated Lead Transfer from LinkedIn


Automated Lead Transfer from Twitter


Automated Lead Transfer from LiveChat


Automated Lead Transfer from Intercom


Automated Lead Transfer from Tawk.to

Chat Bots

Automated Lead Transfer from Chat Bots

Gravity Forms

Automated Lead Transfer from Gravity Forms

WP Forms

Automated Lead Transfer from WordPress Forms


Automated Lead Transfer from Leadpages


Automated Lead Transfer from Unbounce

 Time Savings

You will save enormous amounts of time you currently spend scheduling and managing your events calendar, preparing proposals and contracts, sending them by email, managing and collecting payments and manually tracking your leads.

 Increased Revenue

Your revenue will increase through improved close ratios, better lead management and follow up, better quality proposals and contracts, reduced late payments and a greater number of immediate payments.

 Reduced Cost

Your costs will be reduced. This includes costs associated with trips to the bank to deposit checks and mailing or emailing contracts. You will also see time savings and cost reductions from a tightly integrated events calendar, proposal, contract, lead management and online payment system.

 One Solution

You will see a reduction or elimination of the need for multiple products you may be using today. Many of our customers previously used 3-6 products or more for lead management, calendar, contracts, payments, proposals, etc. and spent large amounts of time and money on all of them. We provide a single, tightly integrated and shared system for all of the above.

 Improved Cash Flow

We will improve your cash flow through an increased number of online payments with faster payment times, a reduced number of late payments and a greater number of closed deals with shorter sales cycle times.

 Happy Clients

You will see drastically improved turnaround times and quality levels for Calendar Scheduling, Proposals, Contracts, Lead Follow Up and Payments. We also foster and provide better and faster client/venue collaboration and support problem/issue resolution during the life cycle of an event.

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 Manual or Spreadsheets

Your Event Booking is currently manual or you are using spreadsheets. This causes many problems, some of which are: missed scheduling, lack of follow up on leads and clients, double booking, lost deals, unhappy clients and late payments.

 Payments Only

You are currently using a Payments Only solution like Square or PayPal but you need many more features than just Payments alone.

 Desktop Based Solution

You are currently using a Desktop Based Solution which cannot be shared by multiple users.

 Legacy Based Solution

You are currently using an old and antiquated software product with Pre-Internet architecture and a terrible UI.

 No Website Integration

Leads come in via your website but they need to be manually re-entered into your current system. This causes errors and duplication of effort. It also causes slower lead follow up and lost deals.

 No Payments or Contracts

You currently have no ability to do Online Payments or Online Contracts. Your clients are asking you for both.

 Not Event Based

Your current software is not event based. It feels like you are constantly trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

 Poor Reporting

Your current solution does not provide good Reporting or Analytics. You are not informed on critical business metrics and you feel like you are flying blind.

 Old Technology

Your current solution is old technology which is not Mobile and Tablet friendly. And the UI reminds you of an Excel spreadsheet circa 1994.

 No Product Integration

No integration means duplicate data entry, errors and wasted time. We eliminate them all and protect and enhance your critical business applications with tight integration to many best of breed Software Platforms including QuickBooks, Xero and FreshBooks for Accounting, Stripe for Online Payments, MailChimp and Constant Contact for Email Marketing, Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack and many others.

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