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Boost Your Group Bookings with Our Modern Hotel Sales and Event Management Platform

Hotel Booking Engines makes group sales and catering easier than ever. Our cloud based system provides the features you need to:

  • Simplify and automate your group bookings and catering

  • Decrease cost and time to book and increase sales

  • Track and analyze sales performance and determine effective growth strategies

  • Efficiently manage a high volume of events

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Simplify and Automate Your Group Bookings 

Our platform automates the creation of many time consuming items you need so you can book more sales in less time:

  • Quickly schedule and book one or multiple rooms/areas for your event

  • Automated Creation of Room Schedulings in seconds

  • Book Single or Repeat Events and Room Schedulings

  • Book Single Day or Multi-Day Events

  • All Room Schedulings posted immediately to the Master Calendar

  • Duplicate Booking Protection

  • Automated Creation of Proposals, Banquet Event Orders and Contracts in seconds

  • Automated Creation of Tasks and Emails

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Track and Analyze Sales Performance and Determine Effective Growth Strategies 

Our platform provides many strong reporting features to track and analyze leads, bookings and sales performance by individual team member, location, room, lead source, event category, many menu and line item categories, payment categories, enterprise and many others:

  • Quickly determine strengths and weaknesses in many critical areas

  • Spot red flags instantly and drill down to pinpoint causes

  • Use that analysis to quickly make changes and chart successful revenue growth strategies

Fast and Easy Deposits and Payments 

Quick Invoice Creation and Online Client Payment features including:

  • Automated Invoice Creation in Seconds

  • PCI Compliant Credit/Debit Card Processing

  • Cash and Check Payment Tracking

  • Online Client Portal with Fast, Easy and Secure Payments 

  • Outstanding Customer Support for all your payment needs

Provide Drastically Improved Speed and Quality of Service Delivery 

The Client Portal provides many additional features and benefits:

  • Your clients can review and e-sign their Proposals, Banquet Event Orders and Contracts online in seconds from any device

  • They can review and sign other forms/documents and review images

  • Critical digital docs review and approval time is exponentially reduced

  • Level and speed of Customer Service Delivery is exponentially improved

  • Online Payments received much faster which greatly improves Cash Flow 

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