Time Savings

The many automations we provide will save you enormous amounts of time you currently spend scheduling and managing your events calendar, preparing proposals and contracts, sending them by email, managing and collecting payments and manually tracking your leads.


Increased Revenue

Your revenue will increase through improved close ratios, better lead management and follow up, better quality proposals and contracts, increased productivity through automation of many tasks, reduced late payments and a greater number of immediate payments.


Reduced Cost

Your costs will be reduced. This includes costs associated with trips to the bank to deposit checks and mailing or emailing contracts. You will also see time savings and cost reductions from the many automations we provide, a tightly integrated events calendar, proposal, contract, lead management and online payment system.


One Solution

You will see a reduction or elimination of the need for multiple products you may be using today. Many of our customers previously used 3-6 products or more for lead management, calendar, contracts, payments, proposals, etc. and spent large amounts of time and money on all of them. We provide a single, tightly integrated and shared system for all of the above.


Improved Cash Flow

We will improve your cash flow through an increased number of online payments with faster payment times, a reduced number of late payments and a greater number of closed deals with shorter sales cycle times.


Happy Clients

You will see drastically improved turnaround times and quality levels for Calendar Scheduling, Proposals, Contracts, Lead Follow Up and Payments and On Demand Customer Self Service provided by our Client Portal. We also foster and provide better and faster client/venue collaboration and support problem/issue resolution during the life cycle of an event.